Make your sales copy convert by answering this one question.

It all comes down to this…

Just one question,

That can be the difference between your next product launch being a success to a disastrous failure.

It all comes down to how your audience responds to your copy.

After all, your copy is what sells your product or service.

This one question will help you relate your offer to your audience and make them desire your product, take action and buy.

If you want to know how to make your copy convert better and double or even triple your current sales, read on because I am about to break down what you can do in the next few minutes to get better results with your copy.

Let’s start by learning.

The secret to writing good sales copy.

The big secret to writing good sales copy is to make the product relate to them emotionally. You need to make it crystal clear to them on why they should get the product and how the product will enrich their life.

We buy off emotion backed up by logic. Once you have them emotionally hooked, you just need to share testimonials, proof, a risk-reversal guarantee and a solid call to action to close the deal.

The purpose of your copy is to get your audience to emotionally desire your product.

It’s a lot easier than you think, it all comes down to answering one question whenever you write about your product, and that question is

So what?

Asking, ‘so what?’ Helps you connect your product with your potential customers, it helps show the value that the product will have for them.

For example, let’s say your writing copy to sell a guide showing recipes that will help your customers lose weight, and also, each recipe just takes twenty minutes to make.

Once you have stated this, ask yourself, so what? And answer.

Show how ’20 minutes’ of meal preparation will impact them.

For example, you could write,

And what’s more these mouth watering recipes will only take twenty minutes to prepare allowing you to spend more time doing the things that matter to you such as spending time with family and friends, working on that pressing project and anything else, other than wasting hours preparing your next meal.

Making these ideal for quick preparation before your daily commute.

As you can see, now the reader can clearly see how the feature ‘20- minute meals’ benefits them and helps them enrich their lives.

But to make full use of this approach you need to know.

How to make your copy irresistible to your audience

There is a simple truth in sales, marketing and copywriting and that is that people don’t really buy the products and services for the actual product or service.

No, they buy the transformation, the after state that product or service gives them.

In your copy you need to use the ‘so what’ question to make the product relate to there after state. The state they desire to be in once they have the product,

You have got to think of what they want their life to like once they have used your product or service.

Going back to the weight loss guide I used as an example earlier, the after state would be:

  • Feel more confident
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle to live longer and be healthier.
  • Live longer
  • Remove joint pain
  • Be happier

Now you know the after state, you’re no longer selling a simple weight loss guide with recipes they can easily make at home: your selling confidence, a healthier lifestyle, longer life, being pain free and living a happier life.

Once you share how your product relates to their underlying motivations or their desired state, you will build desire in your reader to want the product to achieve those things.

Your product or service becomes a means to an end.

But to get even better results and make them really desire your product, you have to,

Use the number one tool that gets them to click buy.

And that is your prospects’ imagination.

You want to get your reader to imagine having the desired results that your offer brings. You want to get them to picture using your product and seeing the benefits for themselves.

Doing this will allow them to visualise first hand how your product will really help them and improve their life. Making powerful emotional associations between your product or service and their desired results.

To do that you want to use a Neuro-linguistic-programming technique called future pacing, a technique used to influence someone by getting them to imagine their desired outcome.

In your copy, you can use this technique to get your reader to imagine enjoying the results your product will provide.

Just start a sentence with:

Now imagine this…

And then paint a picture in your reader’s mind of the end results your offer provides.

For example:

Now imagine this….

Within 30 days of using my guide to prepping quick 20 min meals, you’re noticing that your clothes fit better, you find your bank balance looks healthier because you’re no longer a slave to temptation from snacks and unhealthy eating habits; you step on the scales and you notice that you have lost 8 pounds with little effort. You have a nice routine going, you effortlessly prep your 20 minute meals and are confident that you can keep on track to reach your desired weight. Already you can feel a smile coming along and a new confidence that your new healthier lifestyle provides.

All thanks to a simple 20-minute-prep guide to losing 2 pounds a week.

This is especially effective if you can then lead this to a case study to a previous customer who has achieved those results as it helps make it believable to your reader.

Just simply put

Well, this is the true story of x who achieved just that…

You would then tell their story.

As you can see, using your reader’s imagination helps your readers to see how your product or service will really benefit them.


To really double or triple your conversion rate on your sales copy, you need to make your offer relate to their desired goals and desires.

Write a list of the goals and desires your audience desires, and what your offer helps them achieve.

Go through your sales copy and when you see yourself mentioning your product, ask yourself ‘so, what?’ This will help you to think of ways to make your product relate to your desired audience. Use your list of desires to help you do this.

And where possible, paint a picture of the end results of your products so they can see firsthand how your offer will benefit them.

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